Case study: How TD bank customers have it all: a unified experience across multiple lending products — first mortgage, refi, and home equity.

A digital mortgage experience is no longer enough—borrowers demand more. They want options along their lending journey from refi, to HELOC to Home Equity in a personalized way. The problem: most lenders don’t have the technology or infrastructure to give borrowers what they need. 

In this live case study presentation, Jon Giles (TD Bank) and John Evans (Roostify) will demonstrate how TD Bank created a frictionless, integrated digital experience for their borrowers—from lead capture to close. Discover the tools and decisions that empowered TD Bank to create a simple, comprehensive lending journey that creates extraordinary experiences at every touchpoint for borrowers, loan officers, and the entire lending team.

In this session, we will cover:

  • The agile advantage of an integrated lending experience
  • The opportunity of unifying mortgage with home equity 
  • How personalization can increase conversion and retention
  • Building a customer experience that will retain customers for life 

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