First Community Mortgage’s new CIO targets streamlining, transformation

Translated, Badstubner will help streamline First Community Mortgage’s processes, boost efficiency, and accelerate innovation.

Growth and the job description

Badstubner credited First Community Mortgage with focusing on growth, even in difficult market conditions, and he said the approach will inform his mission.

“FCM is in a fairly unique category among mortgage companies these days in that our ambition is to grow, notwithstanding the current market conditions, and so my mandate is to provide the foundation upon which that growth will be built,” Badstubner said. “Obviously, I am looking at it from a technology perspective.”

Badstubner said that he will pursue that growth in a number of ways.

“We need to provide a platform that scales as we add more people to the teams. In this kind of environment, the way you scale is by adding to your salesforce, and so number one, we need to provide an environment that scales to support that additional weight,” he explained.

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