First responders gifted with mortgage payments

“We spend a lot of time on what our purpose is,” he added. “While the business we’re in is providing mortgages, we look at it as a much higher calling and our purpose is to improve lives,” he said. “For our customers, our employees, and our communities.”

The impetus for the gift giving was rooted in the COVID-19 pandemic, when an untold number of families experienced financial challenges, he said. “When the pandemic hit, and so many were struggling financially, we felt we had to do something to give back to the community and thought since our business is mortgage, helping them out on their mortgage was the way we pursued it,” he said. “We started the ‘Gift of Home’ last year, and helped about 50 families across the country. “For the first and last recipient, we awarded $55,000. The first and last gifts were enough to cover a year’s worth of mortgage payments, he said. Everyone else in between, we covered for one month.”

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Amid the darkness of the pandemic, the light of generosity was seen as loan officers across the country where Envoy Mortgage has a presence surprised beneficiaries with their mortgage payment gifts, Millard said.

“So many people live paycheck to paycheck and if you take off one of their larger bills, it takes a lot of stress from them,” Millard said. “At our company what we do is hard work but it’s a very noble role we’re able to play. We sleep well at night knowing we’re improving lives.”

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