LoanStream tech exec role designed for maximum innovation efficiency

There’s a marketing and technology side unique to his position, particularly involving the company’s customer portals and others under development.

“Because both marketing and technology fall under me, we’re able to patiently execute very quickly on the user experience and make those updates and advancements, rather than the chief marketing officer going to a chief technology officer and saying, hey we need resources to do X, Y and Z,” Shaw said. “It’s the job of getting things done, working with developers and those technical assets to make sure we deliver on that promise to our customers.”

COVID and broker portals

When asked about early accomplishments in the job, Shaw points to two: Success shifting to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the launch of a vaunted broker portal.

The portal has been a gamechanger, he said.

“It’s an impressive new portal for our wholesale brokers,” Shaw said. “It allows brokers to work the way they want. If they want to disclose their loan same day, in 10 minutes, 15 minutes, they can do that through our portal. If they want to quickly submit it, run off and get their next applicant, they can do that, and our setup team can take care of it.”

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