Mortgage broker turns the tables on disability tax dilemmas

McKay’s story is a testament to the power of conversation and the impact individuals can have in creating change, particularly when armed with viable solutions.

“Where I see the role of individual loan officers, mortgage brokers and just people when it comes to advocating, is just being out there and spreading awareness,” said McKay. “It’s not only talking about problems, although that’s certainly part of it – it’s even better if you have a solution.”

How mortgage professionals can take action

Now, in his role as chief advocacy officer, McKay aims to empower more people to engage with their local and state politicians. He encourages individuals to realize the power they already possess and to take steps to address issues that matter to them.

“Most people think that their local or state politicians see them as inaccessible,” he said. “That couldn’t be further from the truth. Local and state politicians – even your congressional representatives in DC – are incredibly accessible. If you email them about something, you will hear back from them – especially if you actually have a solution to the issue. I want to encourage more people not to be more empowered, but realize how empowered they already are.”

The current legislative agenda includes tackling trigger leads, particularly House Bill 4198, which has bipartisan support. McKay highlights the industry-wide consensus against trigger leads due to their invasive nature and violation of data privacy.  

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