Mortgage tech news roundup: August 5

Jaime Punishill is nCino’s new chief marketing officer, succeeding Jonathan Rowe, who is taking on a new strategic role after serving as CMO since 2012. Previously, he was with Lionbridge, a translation and localization company, where he was CMO for the past five years. He also served as head of brand strategy and digital marketing at financial services company TIAA and held leadership roles at Thomson Reuters and Citibank.

Clear Capital/CubiCasa

CubiCasa, a real estate software company based in Finland, will start providing a free floor plan option in the US for its mobile floor plan scanning technology.

The tech is available on the App Store and Google Play store.

CubiCasa is owned by Clear Capital, a real estate technology company with analytics and platforms that help speed up the loan decisioning process.

CubiCasa said that recent advances in its computer vision technology allow it to offer a free version in the US, with lower pricing for all products globally. The goal here is to make floor plans ubiquitous in the US.

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