The benefits of educating the next generation of leaders

“These have traditionally been the first to go when times get tough, but they are important to building diverse and resilient businesses that can adapt to a fast-changing world. Forward-thinking organizations that invest in their people during these times will be the ones that outperform competitors and come out stronger,” Ang said.

Impact on retention

It’s becoming more clear that an employers’ L&D efforts are key to surviving or thriving, according to another study.

Three-quarters (75%) of learners say strong workplace training would have a very high or high impact on their decision to stay with an employer, reports Emergn, a global digital business services firm. And 55% say that L&D programs increase job satisfaction and employee morale.

However, only 23% of learners and 22% of leaders view their organization’s current workplace training as extremely effective, finds its survey of more than 1,200 professionals from the United States and the United Kingdom, conducted in July and August 2022.

“A lot of organizations are used to collecting what we could train our people on… but individuals want to be connected to something, to a mission, to a purpose,” said Steven Angelo-Eadie, head of learning Services. “If you don’t know why [the training is] important, then it will feel like it’s a drain on your time and your energy.”

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